The Face That Launched 1000 Ships


Top Ten Scandalous Eye Openers of Episode 7: Baby Made A Mess

1. Liv takes care of her people! She ensured that Jake was fed, exercised and cared for in super max; And even Ms. “I don’t work for you anymore” Abby knew exactly who to call when her ex showed up!

2. Ooooh the very ominous “you can’t stop what is coming” warning from Mr. Winslow. Liv is in danger and either Mama or Papa Pope is going to hurt someone really badly for their greatest treasure.

3. Huck’s son…. sigh…. a little genius like his daddy- how sweet is their new bond. Heart melt.Episode7

4. Quinn has become the ride or die of OPA. A true Gladiator- she’s always down to get ish handled! Yaaay Super Quinn!

5. Ahhmmmmm so Leo’s not gay.?

6. People beware: Cyrus the Lover has left the building/bedroom and Cyrus the Monster is back.

7. Tom was amazing! “His world revolves around you. I can never protect him from you.” Save Tom!!!!

8. Fitz is a tease. All that sexy talk and then he hangs up!!? I was about to walk to the white house myself lol

9. I feel bad for Cy’s assistant He has no job security lol.

10. They truly have no secrets between them anymore. Fitz knows that his love went Command on Tom and got him shanked so he could confess! He might have reason to fear that entire Pope clan! lol

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Liv Got That Good Good


goodgood3Top Ten Scandalous Moments of Episode 6 An Innocent Man

1. That opening scene- dreaming about her lovers…Jake, Fitz, Fitz, Jake. Her heart belongs to Fitz but Jake works that body out!

2. Liz’s gut- is it off, is she listening to it or is she just doing all she can to stay alive?

3. Cyrus is turned out… an apartment, a secure phone and a bank account. It must be nice!

4. Speaking of Cyrus- that hair is looking much better than it did in the first 2 episodes!

5. Did Fitz snitch on Abby? Or did someone else see the oval office tape and tell Cyrus?

6. Errrr…. Command calling his workers dogs?! Not cool Command.

7. But yes, Eli is a force to be reckoned with and it becomes clearer every week. “You can’t take Command. Command takes you.”

8. Did you see how Carnihan went all ‘Criminal Minds’ on Liv after she confronted him about the ballistics? He’s craving his seat at the Assassin’s Table?! Uhhh Crazy Much?

9. Pope = Master Manipulator. Do you see how skillfully Papa Pope got inside Fitz’s head? Smdh.

10. Is there still hope? This thing called love…sigh……

One liners: (Which one is your fave? Vote here)

  • Not choosing me is ok.
  • True power hides in plain sight.
  • You might want to take a closer look at your own backdoor.

P.S. Whoever is hunting Olivia clearly doesn’t know about Papa Pope. He killed Jerry, set up Jake and stays playing Fitz for his greatest treasure. They gon’ learn!